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Students learn to navigate the Adobe CS5 Suite which includes Illustrator (1st quarter), Indesign (2nd quarter) and Photoshop (2nd Semester). Graphic Design is a continual learning experience where the user must ask: What do I want to learn next? This course is articualted with LCCC CGRD 142 Photoshop. Prerequisite: Information Processing

Do This January 6

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Chapter A Chapter A  
Chapter B Chapter B  
Chapter C Chapter C  
Chapter D Chapter D  
Illustrator Quarter Plan Chapter E  
Welcome to Illustrator Assignments After Photoshop  

Family Photo Repair

When using spot healing brush be sure to click on content aware


Student image of shapes and brushes used in Photoshop

Bevel and Emboss


Motion Blur,Student work sample using the blur tool in Photoshop

Frame a Photo



create a signature jpg to insert

  Golden Eagle Ferry CollageStudent work sample making a collage with Photoshop and Golden Eagle Ferry, River, and Eagle Pictures  

Layer mask Student work sample using layer mask with giraffe picture

and Layering Student work sample using layering and a tiger and river image in collage


Warrior T-Shirt Student work sample for Calhoun Warriors t-shirt



Conservation Postcard Student work sample of conservation postcard collage made with Photoshop



Line Art,

Stand Out from Crowd

Student works ample of image using blending and line art using multiple fish images and text with Photoshop as a tool

  Movie Poster/DVD cover  
Review Sheet
Chapter A Review Sheet Review Sheet Chapter A and B  
Chapter B Review Sheet    
Chapter C Review Sheet Photoshop Review Sheet D  
Chapter D Review Sheet Photoshop Review Sheet E  

Photoshop Movie Rubric

Rubric for movie photos

Illustrator Book Rubric    
Additional Resources
Why Illustrator How to Infographic Photobook
Design Principles Valentine



Adobe CS4 Photoshop Shortcuts Indesign Children's Book Setup